• 168 BN 3.0 Customized Model

    This ist Urs ” Müdu ” Meinen`s Customized Model he built at the ” build your own ” Workshop in June 2015.

  • 164 BN 3.0 Customized Model

  • 168 BN 3.0 Customized Model

    Another Customized Model made by Michi Schaller at the ” build your own ” Workshop in June 2015.

  • Zensnow BN 3.0 Standard Range

  • Free Personal Logo Placement

  • 168 BN 3.0 Standard Model

  • Zensnow OC 2.0

    Customized Series 2014/15

Reto Neiger

Reto Neiger

Erbauer von Zen Snowboards

How to effortlessly master any terrain.

Read here why more and more snowboarders want their own, personalized Zen Snowboard. The answer is simple: Because Reto Neiger knows the best ways to integrate your personal riding style into the unique Zen Snowboard shape to function in any terrain. Zen Snowboards are built specially for your physique, your riding skills and your riding style.  For a little more money than a snowboard off the rack, you will get probably one of  the fastest, most stable and reliable board that you have ever ridden.

By the way, your friends will be amazed: With a relaxed easy style and captivating liveliness you will effortlessly master any terrain and obstacle – it’s like you’re riding on rails. Additionally, each board has an ultra-fast racing base and a stone ground structure. Are you interested? Then take a look and choose whether a standard model is right for you, whether you prefer a model customized to your wishes, or find out how you can even build your own Zen Snowboard. Or duo you want to order your board right away?

Get inspired by our movie below:



Zensnow for girls is just plain sexy! It’s the first snowboard to achieve perfection in terms of power and precision. Zensnow brought a little more Zen into both my life and my riding. Thanks!

Marionna Wellinger, FlimsYoga instructor & photographer

My very own custom-made snowboard: A desire I’ve had for a long time came true. Reto’s passion and his personal advice are directly reflected in the final product.

Pepe, BernJurist

The Zensnow 168 rides just like my brand new BMW! It feels agile, yet stable on the slopes and it’s incredibly smooth with a killer float in the pow – its quality is unprecedented so far.

Benedikt Zenhäusern, ThunCEO Cellwar GmbH

Winter after winter, my favorite snowboard models kept on disappearing from production. I had to switch to average boards that didn’t fit my riding style. With my customized Zensnow snowboard, those years of compromises are thankfully gone! I’ve now got my dream snowboard for any conditions. Thanks Reto, I’m one hundred percent happy!

Ramiro Broggi, BernGeologist

I went on a road trip to Switzerland to get my Zensnow custom snowboard, and I didn’t regret it: I spent a perfect day on the glacier to test ride it, and I got full support and hospitality in the Zensnow factory. Now that’s what I call Swiss Quality!

Irmi Kirchmair, Tirol/AustriaSocial worker

My snowboard feels at home in the pow. More control, more speed and I’ve regained my old pleasure whilst riding… Thanks Zensnow!

Pepe, BernJurist

Thank you.

Thank you so much: David Birri/davidbirri.com, Pi Imhof/pascalimhof.com, Christian Betschart/backcountry-photography.com, Patrick Julier, Mäge, Gerber und Team vom backdoorshop.ch,  Daniel, Conny und Toni Wyss wyss-sport.ch.